Oadby observatory

This is just a little website with some useful information and tools that will help you use the telescope, along with the download's for the instructions :)

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Plate Solving Tools. This is a handy web app I built myself to help find a target. Just enter in a SIMBAD reference, upload a photo and it will tell you the new coordinates! If you have any feedback about this tool/bugs you have please email me.

Useful stuff

When trying to find an object it can be useful to have some reference images for the target you are viewing. These are some links to sites/software that could be useful and are more targeted towards those who are using the CCD. All of the services below are free to use!

Telescope specs

CCD specs

Note that the latitude and longitude is on the wall of the dome. This is useful to write down for use in software such as Stellarium.


Normal instructions

Last updated 27th Feb 2023


Enter the password to view the CCD instructions

These are the beeps the mount should make when:

Balance checked and is okay

Found home

Weather for today

Anual darkness

Weather data from clearoutside.com