Plate Solving Tools

How this works

Plate solving is a process of working out exactly where you are pointing in the sky. It searches through a series of indexed image files to work out where your image is. After you have plate solved an image, you can use the RA and DEC from that along with the RA and DEC of your target to work out an offset. This can then be applied to the mount. This tool makes this process effortless. Just enter in the targets RA and DEC or the SIMBAD reference and upload the image file. Then click submit! The website will platesolve the image for you, and return the new RA and DEC values. The platesolve can take a while, but it is usually pretty quick.

Note that this site is still under construction! There could be bugs or errors that you encounter. If you have any feedback/bugs/requests while using it please email me.

There have been: 20 fulfilled requests made.

Co-ordinates of target:

You can enter a SIMBAD reference or enter in the RA and DEC of your target.

Actual co-ordinates:

Upload an image to have it plate solved. The difference will be calculated and offset to the mounts coordinates.

Note: all uploads are deleted after processing. You're data is only stored on the server while needed.